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Automate Android tasks with macros, image, and text recognition

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Experience the ultimate automation with Macrorify, the premier Macro Maker that transcends the capabilities of a standard auto clicker. Craft powerful macros utilizing cutting-edge Image Detection and Text Recognition to streamline your tasks and enhance productivity, all without the need for device rooting. The app operates seamlessly on Android systems from Kitkat upwards and is even compatible with emulators.

Top Features to Elevate Your Automation:

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- Versatile Touch Actions: Implement single taps, long presses, double clicks, swipes, and sophisticated gestures. A full range of motions can be simulated, mimicking the use of all 10 fingers.

- Advanced Recording: Capture and replay touch sequences with the option to edit, rearrange, adjust speed, and introduce randomness, ensuring your tasks feel as human-like as possible.

- Dynamic Image Detection: React promptly to visual changes on your screen, which is particularly useful to trigger actions based on image appearance or disappearance.

- Accurate Text Recognition: Transform how you handle on-screen text, using it to trigger specific actions.

- User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive UI makes it simple to design both straightforward and intricate automations.

- Scripting Option: Delve into scripting with EMScript, an accessible language that opens up endless macro-creation possibilities for those looking to advance their skills.

- Macro Store: The built-in marketplace is a convenient place to download macros created by others or to share your own for rewards.

Additional Perks for An Unsurpassed Automation Experience:

- Battery Preservation: Auto screen turn-off feature to conserve power.

- Macro Management: Options to pause, resume, and adjust macro operation areas to meet your needs.

- Testing Tools: Tools are available to conduct comprehensive tests on specific actions and ensure flawless execution.

Although robust, the game is continually evolving, and any issues encountered can be reported for a swift resolution. For users on Android 6 and below, a Native Service installation via PC is required to harness the full potential, with a guide available for easy setup.

By integrating the app into your routine, you unlock a world where repetitive tasks are handled automatically, allowing you to focus on what truly matters. Embrace this leap in automation with Macrorify – your reliable, efficient, and smart macro companion.

This review has been crafted using the insights provided by KoK-CODE.

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 4.4 or higher required

Information about Macrorify

Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category General
Language English
71 more
Author KoK-CODE
Downloads 16,359
Date Jul 10, 2024
Content Rating +3
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk Android + 4.4 Dec 6, 2023
apk Android + 4.4 Nov 21, 2023
apk 1.5.0 Android + 4.4 Nov 15, 2023
apk Android + 4.4 Nov 17, 2022
apk 1.4.3 Android + 4.4 Nov 3, 2022
apk Android + 4.4 Aug 18, 2022

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2 reviews


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